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Want to be sure that you will pass? Study with the people who love helping students.


How do we help you make a success of your studies?


We help you with great study materials; we give you lots of feedback; we help you in our online study groups; and we hate it when you have to wait on us. So we always courier your study materials, and we make sure that we get back to you quickly when you need feedback from us.


Here is how we make SURE you will finish your course:

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You will get great advice


Before you register, you can chat with one of our Educational Planners. They are dedicated to giving good advice and assisting students with the choice of which subjects and courses to study. Our Educational Planners can help you choose the right course and even the right level of a course.

If you have any questions about the inner workings of the College, they can give you the answer, or find out for you. Your Educational Planner will assist you in choosing the best payment plan, that will suit your budget.

There is no need to suffer with paperwork when you Register. Your Educational Planner will help you with your Registration and Debit Order format and payment... and do it all for you over the phone.

In the Registration Process, the Educational Planner will guide you step by step, and make sure you feel safe and cared for in your first few day with the College.


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We are proud of our Accreditation


College SA is Provisionally Registered as a Private Further Education and Training institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), according to the Further Education and Training Colleges Act (Act 16 of 2006), for the National Certificate: Engineering Studies N1 - N3. (Registration Number 2009/FE07/099).


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It is easy to start


We start our courses with the most basic academic work.  So you get a solid foundation before moving on to the higher level subjects.  For most of our courses you don't need matric to be accepted on the course.  You can register over the phone, and you will be studying in just a few days!


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Great study materials


Our study materials are created especially for distance learning students.  It is easy to understand and teaches you just the things you need to know.  We won't overload you.  We teach you step by step.


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Great academic support - and we keep you motivated


Nearly all your tutors are full-time staff at the college. So it is easy to get hold of them.  We also register you in your online study group, so you can interact with fellow students and tutors every day.  We love helping students! You will get lots of contact from us...we know you need someone who helps and guides you in your studies.


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Worried that you will not have enough time?


If you need more study time, you can easily apply for a course extension and get more study time.  No penalties and no re-registration fee.


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30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee


If you want to cancel for any reason in your first 30 days with fuss, no questions.  Return, in good condition, all the study materials that were sent to you and we will refund your money.


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We love helping students


We work at College SA because we love helping students. We often ask students for their feedback, and here are some of those comments:


"My tutor was always there for me when I need help";
"I always get in touch with College SA and they responded quickly";
"I am happy that you guys constantly send SMSes and emails to offer help... thanks for caring".


Click here to read many more comments from our students


Not a “good” student?

Did you know that people do better academically when they study later in their lives?

As an adult you have grown. You have developed skills and disciplines that you did not have as a child. You are now much more ready to deal with studies. And you deserve another chance to get a good qualification.

We help you with your studies - supplying you with great study material that you will find easy to understand.

An online study group that you can use on your phone and helpful and friendly tutors and academic staff who keep on giving you that little push when you need it!

No matric? No problem

If you never finished matric, or if you did not get great results in matric, then that should not prevent you from further studies. Our courses start at an academic level that you will be able to cope with. We start with the very basics, so that we can help you build your learning on a solid foundation.

For most of our courses the entrance criteria is lower than matric. So our courses are accessible to everyone.

You don’t want to wait… and wait… and wait…

Once you have started your studies we know you are eager to get going fast, and to keep going. To make sure you don’t lose time waiting on us, we always courier your study materials, we never post it. Our couriers usually take ten to twelve working days to deliver… Often they deliver much faster.

When you send us a request or query, we shall respond in 48 hours or less. If we can't solve a problem immediately, we shall quickly contact you to keep you informed of our progress.

When you feel really unhappy, you can fill in our Red Alert form. This goes to all the Directors, and nobody goes home until we have dealt with your problem.

I am worried that I will just give up…

We understand distance learning. We understand the pressures of studying when you have a full-time job and family and friends who want your time. Over half of our academic staff have at some stage used distance learning themselves - so they are alert to students needs.

That is why we know when to encourage you, and when to give you that little push. We will hold your hand all the way. We will chat to you in the online study groups. We shall call you and email you and even SMS you!

So when you feel like giving up, we shall be there to help you through those little rough patches. We will carry you through.

We work here because we love helping people.

Regular contact from your Tutor

Nearly all of our academic staff are full-time employees at the College. So it is easy to contact your tutor during working hours. Your tutor regularly spends time in the online study group – answering questions and interacting with students. So you can interact with your tutor every day. If your course has a formal exam, then your tutor will warn you well in advance to register for the exam and help you prepare properly for your exam.

We work in a College because we really want to help students.


Did you know that students who get one-to-one help from their tutor get better marks than students who get lectures in classrooms?

Daily interaction in our Study Groups with your tutors and fellow students

When you register with us you get immediate access to your online study group. In this group you will find your tutors and also your fellow students. Some of the best learning you get, is from engaging with your fellow students. You can post your questions and get answers from both fellow-students, and well as from your tutors.

Being in an online community of students will motivate you and give you that little push to keep going! Studying is much easier when you see that you are not alone.

You can use your online study group on your phone. So you can see what your classmates have been chatting about even when you are not in front of a computer.

Study material especially developed for adult learners who are studying via distance learning

Your study material has been especially developed for adult learners who are studying via distance learning. The English we use is simple and easy to understand. The study material has regular breaks and interactive elements. In this way you are always busy doing a piece of work that you can handle. And the self-tests are there to help you check if you really understand the work.

We are always busy improving our study materials. So if you find an error in your notes, inform us so we can fix it… and, of course, every student who finds an error in the study material gets a little present to say “thank you”.

This is not working for me! Help!

We are the ONLY College that gives you a No-Questions-Asked 30-Day-Full-Money- Back Guarantee.

Not sure if distance learning will work for you? In your first 30 days with the College you can cancel and get all your money back. This is our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. All we shall ask you is to tell us what went wrong, so that we can try harder with your fellow students.

Just tell me the Price of the Course!

We don’t give the prices of our courses on our website. If you are comparing the prices of different colleges from their websites, then you will get it wrong. If you are simply looking for the cheapest College, then we are not the right College for you.

We are a full-service, high-end quality Private College.

All courses are not the same. If you don’t understand the details of all the costs of a course, you can fall in the trap of going for a course that looks cheap because some of the costs are hidden from you.

When you look at the price of a course, do you know if that includes the study material? Does it include the courier costs? Can you take a study break and a payment break? What happens if you can’t pay for one month?

What happens when you are finished with your studies, but you still owe the College more monthly payments?

We make sure that we inform you of ALL the costs that you will have to consider. Books, exam fees, professional membership fees, delivery costs... When we give you the price of a course, we make sure that it includes EVERYTHING… so that you never discover hidden costs or additional cost AFTER you registered.

When you speak with our friendly Educational Planners, you will not feel pressured into a “sale”. You will get great advice from someone who really cares about enrolling you on the RIGHT course for YOU. And if you are not ready to commit, you will not feel any pressure to make a quick decision.

What happens when things go wrong? Because sometimes “life happens”…

If you can’t study; then you don’t pay. So when life happens and you can’t get to your studies for a month or two, then you apply for a Study Break. You can take up to two months off with a study break. On your Study Break you don’t study and you don’t pay.

Please note: you cannot take a study break in your first six months of study.

When life happens and you just need a break… we won’t penalize you. We won’t threaten you. What we will do, is try and help you get back to your studies as soon as you can.

What happens if I run out of time?

If you find you need more study time when you get to the end of your course, then you can apply for a course extension. We can then give you extra time to finish your studies… you simply keep on making your normal monthly payments.

No, we won’t make you pay a re-registration fee. We might have to increase your monthly fee when you extend, depending on the course.

Need to change to a different course? No problem.

Sometimes students start a course, but then move to a different job. And for that new job they need different skills. You can simply apply to transfer to a course that is better for your new situation. No penalties. If some of the subjects that you have already completed, are the same, then we will try and give you credit for those on your new course. So we don’t force you to redo those subjects.

No, we will not make you pay a re-registration fee.


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