Accounting Theory and Practice


Course Information:


This is not an accredited course. This is a Professional Institute Programme.


 Course  Certified Financial Accountant: Accounting Theory and Practice
 Programme Type  Institute Programme: Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Single Module
 Partner Institute  ICB – The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
 Award Type  Statement of Competence
 Award Issued By  ICB
 Accredited By  Your Unit Standard Certificates will be accredited by FASSET
 SAQA ID  Not Applicable
 NQF Level  Not Applicable
 Course Duration  5 Months
 Entrance Criteria
  • Successful completion of the previous learning areas (1-8) (have completed the Junior Bookkeeping Qualification and the Senior Bookkeeping Qualification AND have completed the Technical Financial Accountant Qualification, or equivalent qualifications) Or be a qualified Certified Technical Financial Accountant
  • Grade 12
  • Learners must be at least 16 years of age
  • The ability to read and write in English



Course Structure

Please click on each subject title to see the topics covered.


Accounting Theory and Practice Subjects:

The framework of accounting
Presentation of financial statements
Property, plant and equipment
Investment property
Impairment of assets
Financial instruments
Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets
Events after the reporting period
Employee benefits
The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates
Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates, and errors
Earnings per share
Income taxes
Statement of cash flows
Companies Act


Accounting Theory and Practice (ATP) is the final learning are in the ICB’s Accounting Certification Programme. This learning area follows on from Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks.


ATP is a dissertation/mini-thesis where the prescribed material is the Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks material. The learner is required to do research and submit this research in the form of the mini-thesis.


Assessment and Award

You must apply to write a mini-thesis with the ICB. Upon successful completion of your mini-thesis, ICB will certify you with a statement of competence.


In order to write the dissertation for the ICB you will have to:


 Apply to the ICB and register with them to write their mini-dissertation


College SA will help you every step of the way with this. Upon successful completion of your mini-dissertation, the ICB will certify you with a Statement of Competence showing the respective Unit Standards which you have completed and FASSET will award you with a Unit Standard Certificate for any Unit Standards that you successfully complete.


Your first assignment will be on Goal Setting, which will arrive with your Welcome Pack.




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