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Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy Studies


Beauty Therapy studies are generally aimed at preparing students for careers in the beauty industry, as well as to equip them with knowledge and skills that will help them to start up their own beauty salons. Courses can cover various areas of specialisation, and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to complete. Most courses cover both practical and theoretical aspects of the work.


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Studying Beauty Therapy Courses at College SA

College SA offers a variety of beauty therapy courses. Our courses focus on teaching students the knowledge and skill they need to become competent in one specific area in beauty therapy. Students can also study a selection of beauty therapy courses to build on their level of expertise.


College SA offers beauty therapy courses in the following areas:


Beauty Therapy


Nail Care


Body Massage


Facial Skin Care


Make-Up Application


What is Beauty Therapy Studies?

Beauty therapy studies can be divided into three different areas including facial therapy, body therapy and electrology.


  • Facial therapy involves beautician or aestheticienne.
  • Body therapy involves various body treatments or physiatrics.
  • Eletrology involves epilation (removing of hair).


Facial therapy treatments or beautician includes various specialties including hands on and electrical treatments to the face, hands and feet. Waxing also falls under this category.


Body therapy treatment includes body massages, wraps and therapy done by hand or by means of electrical treatments.


Electrology includes face and body treatments that involve removing the hair on the body. Electrolysis has been used over the centuries and is still popular today.  


What does a beauty therapist do?

A beauty therapist performs a range of treatments on clients. Salon beauty therapists also have to perform other duties such as front desk duties, which include booking appointments, greeting clients and answering the phone. Some salons also require that beauty therapists help with promoting and selling new products on the market.


Treatments beauty therapists have to give to clients include:


  • Waxing
  • Massages
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Tanning
  • Eyelash tinting and eyebrow waxing
  • Facials
  • Skin peels


Before beauty therapists can start treatment on a client, they have to ask the client a range of questions about their medical history, allergies and other health issues.


Beauty therapists can work in beauty salons, spa’s or health clubs. Working hours are usually done in shifts. Typical working hours for full time therapists may vary from 37 to 40 hours a week. Part-time or flexible working options are also available in this industry.


Income potential in Beauty Therapy

Beauty therapists who just completed their studies can earn around R282827, a year depending on the organsation they work for. With few years experience, a beauty therapist even more. Qualified beauty therapist managers can earn up to R 543899.10 a year.


*These earnings per year are only estimates, and should not be regarded as set earning potentials.


College SA, Beauty Therapy Studies, woman, makeup, beauty equipment


Studying to become a Beauty Therapist

In order to become a qualified beauty therapist, you have to at least obtain a Level 3 certificate in beaut therapy. Beauty therapists have to specialize in various fields including spa therapy, holistic treatments (reflexology or Reiki), nail technology and spray tanning.


However, students often only study in one area such as nail technology, massage therapy or make-up artistry. There are also various other areas in the beauty therapy industry.


Characteristics of a successful Beauty Therapist

In order to succeed in the beauty industry, you have to have a little more than just your education. In order to succeed in this career, you have to have the right personality.


Beauty therapists should be:


  • Outgoing
  • Chatty
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Good Social Skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Professional
  • Have a keen awareness of health and safety issues
  • The ability to create a calm environment where clients can relax
  • Good listener
  • Be able to treat client information with confidentiality


  Why study Beauty Therapy courses at College SA?

  • You can study from anywhere in South Africa.
  • Study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • Receive your course material couriered to your door within 10 days.

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