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Graphic Design

If you are interested in studying a graphic design course, you should consider enrolling for one of College SA’s Graphic Designing Courses. We offer various graphic design courses including, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.


What exactly does a graphic designer do? A graphic designer works with images, layouts, posters, web pages and print pages. These artists are responsible for creating unique designs with artistic and decorative effects.


Examples of graphic design work can be found in advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports even.


Graphic designers use various designing programmes including, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash to create unique designs. These programmes are all provided by Adobe.


Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Their programmes and tools allow graphic designers to create groundbreaking digital content.


A graphic designer works with both text and images. 


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Web Design

As a web designer, your main job would be to design web pages for websites. Web designers are individuals who are both creative and technically inclined. The main goal of a web designer is to make a website functional, easy to use and visually appealing to the users.


Because digital media has grown so fast and have become a big part of our lives, the web designing industry has become very popular. This industry is considered to be a very good one in relation to job prospects and future advancement. 



With technology developing at such a fast rate, the need for Professional IT specialists is in growing demand. The responsibility of a computer technician varies from position to position. Some duties may include, installing hardware and software systems, troubleshooting a variety of computer issues, configuring computer networks and repairing computer and mobile devices and replacing computer parts.   


Computer technicians can be found working in various industries including retail electronic stores, corporate companies (in the internal IT department) or even IT Support companies. 


Computer technicians can be found working in various industries including retail electronic stores, corporate companies (in the internal IT department) or even IT Support companies.


Microsoft Office

People all over the world use Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office can be used for home and personal use or for business.


Microsoft Office is a set of related desktop applications, servers and services, collectively referred to as an office suite. The Microsoft Office Suite includes programmes such as Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint and Outlook.


These programmes are used for catching data, writing articles, doing projects, setting up slideshows etc.


Microsoft Office skills are a must for anyone who can or wants to work on a computer. These basic computer skills have become a requirement for job applicants, due to the fact that almost all work are done on a computer.   


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As you can see, a career in IT has many different fields to specialize in and a lot of promising career opportunities. To find out more about these different computer qualifications, click on the courses for full course detail.


Alternatively you can fill in a form on our website of contact our student registrars directly. 



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