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College SA Expert Certificate: Executive Secretary – Human Resources


Course Information:


 Course  College SA Expert Certificate: Executive Secretary – Human Resources
 Programme Type  College SA Expert Certificate Programme
 Partner Institute  Not Applicable
 Award Type  College SA Expert Certificate
 Award Issued By  College SA
 Accredited By  Not Applicable
 SAQA ID  Not Applicable
 NQF Level  Not Applicable
 Course Duration  24 - 28 Months
 Entrance Criteria
  •  Grade 10
  •  Learners must be at least 16 years of age
  •  The ability to read and write in English
  •  Access to a computer

Course Structure

Please click on each subject title to see the topics covered.


Advanced Subjects:

Introduction to Business English
Computer Practice
Excellence in Service: Basic
Business Etiquette
Financial Management: Basic
Organisational Skills
Cross Cultural Communication
Excellence in Service: Advanced
Personnel Management
Human Resources Principles


Assessment and Award

Please note that the number of assignments can vary, as moderation of subjects does take place.


  • Business English – 1 Assignment
  • Computer Practice – 2 Assignments
  • Excellence in Service: Basic – 1 Assignment
  • Business Etiquette – 1 Assignment
  • Financial Management: Basic- 1 Assignment
  • Organisational Skills – 1 Assignment
  • Cross Cultural – 1 Assignment
  • Excellent in Service – 1 Assignment
  • Personal Management – 1 Assignment
  • Human Resources – 2 Assignments


You will receive clear instructions on how to answer the assignment questions and how to send them back to us. In the interest of making sure that your voice is heard on how you experienced the assignments and what changes you wish to see in the future, we give you an opportunity to give feedback at the end of each assignment you write. When you successfully finish your assignments, you will then receive a College SA Expert Certificate: Executive Secretary – Human Resources.


Your first assignment will be on Goal Setting, which will arrive with your Welcome Pack.




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