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Are you looking for a College in South Africa?


Have you been struggling to find a college in South Africa to suit your needs?


With so many different factors to consider it can be an overwhelming process. We thought it may be helpful to list some of the factors most other students come across to make the process of finding a college a little easier for you.


Will I have to move to another city or province to study?


Whether to move to another city in order to be closer to the college is often a decision students are faced with. Living expenses, transport and lack of a social support system are often difficult changes for students to adapt to.


To avoid some of these problems students can look into distance learning collegesthat offer courses across South Africa.


How much will my course cost me?


College fees vary widely from college to college. Finding out exactly what the college is charging you for is very important when making your decision.


Certain colleges offer exceptional and comprehensive payment plans that are tailored specifically to your needs.


Other colleges offer 'bursaries', but this is often a trap, or an empty promise. Private FET colleges sometimes offer bursaries in order to help their students complete their course; however there are sometimes hidden costs involved. Bursaries in South Africa are hard to come by, always make sure you understand what the financial aspect of your college is before you register.


Will I be able to work while I study?


Most colleges who offer campus classes are offered in the daytime. This means that half (or more) of your day will be spent on the campus itself. This often makes it very difficult for students to earn a living while studying.


Try finding a course that offers classes early in the day, which makes getting an evening job possible. Alternatively you could consider studying through correspondence. Many of the jobs students want require college level education, and this makes affording your studies even more difficult. Always try and remember which direction you want to move in while choosing your course.


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Will I be supported in my studies by the college?


Various colleges offer different forms of student support. Find out about what kind of support the college offers before you sign up for classes. Private FET colleges are often able to offer better support to their students. If you are considering distance learning, be especially careful, as the majority of the course work will be done on your own. Having tutors or support staff that are willing to help you is extremely important, especially if this is the first time you have studies through correspondence.


Will the course I complete be recognised internationally?


This is another area which you need to pay close attention to. Ask the college about international qualifications which allow you to work in other countries before you start studying with them. If you are unsure about anything the college offers, always ask them before you register.


Remember that further education and training colleges offer a broad set of accredited courses which are internationally recognised.


Click here to see a list of FET courses.


If you have any concerns or fears about studying through correspondence, you can read an article about correspondence courses offered in South Africa by clicking here. Supported distance learning is still the most effective and affordable way to get further education and training, no matter where in the country you are.



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