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Hospitality involves everything from welcoming guests, visitors and strangers, to ensuring that they receive service of the highest quality and that they enjoy their experiences. When you work in this industry, ensuring that guests receive the best possible treatment is part of the deal.


Many people who are interested in the hospitality industry choose to work towards a certificate diploma in hospitality management. Hotel management courses are also a popular option.


The goal of the hospitality industry:

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive one. The better the service guests receive, the greater the success of the business is likely to be. In other words, the main priority is to give guests value for their money and to ensure that they return home with fond memories of the place they visited.


There are many hospitality management courses on offer to teach students about business management, customer service, and communication with clients.


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What Hospitality Courses can I study at College SA?

Guest House Management:

Our range of Guest House Management courses is ideal for anyone who would like to work in a guest house, as well as for anyone who would like to open and operate his/her own guest house. The courses cover everything from business and licensing regulations to customer service, housekeeping and hospitality. For more information about the individual courses, simply click on the following links:



Cross Cultural Cooking:

The Cross Cultural Cooking course explores the history of South African food. It gives information about the cooking styles of the different cultures and highlights some of our favourite South African dishes. For more information on this course, simply click on the following link:



Cooking for Infants and Young Children:

This course deals with the nutritional requirements of infants and young children. It is designed as a practical guide for parents and caregivers. For more information on this course, simply click on the following link:



Tourism Studies:

Tourism Studies involves service delivery to tourists, as well as ensuring that their needs and expectations are met. This includes showing them places of interest in the areas that they visit, and giving them a bit of background information about their specific destinations. Tourism Studies is all about customer service. If you wish to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism management then studying one of these courses may be a good starting point. For more information on the courses in this field, simply click on the following links:



Events Management Studies:

Events managers manage festivals and events for groups of people. Events can include big public gatherings, or more intimate occasions such as weddings. Arranging these events involves making sure that guests have a great time and that all their needs are catered for professionally. These duties include everything from making sure that the food is served on time to arranging sufficient parking and other facilities. For more information on the courses in this field, simply click on the following links:



Your future in hospitality starts with your studies. Your journey in hospitality can be a fun and rewarding one with plenty of opportunities for growth and development.


Hospitality, College SA

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