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Management Studies

Management Studies




What is the definition of management?

Management can be described as the process of using resources in an optimal way in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, and to achieve certain objectives. In this context, resources include human resources, or employees. Proper management plays a very important role in the success of an organisation or a project.


What skills will I learn by studying management?

Good managers have a diverse range of skills and abilities:



    • They have good communication and interpersonal skills.

    • They are able to show empathy towards others.

    • They have the ability to motivate a team.

    • They can think critically, and are good at solving problems.

    • They have strategic planning skills.

    • They have good time management skills.

    • They are flexible, and can adapt well to change.

    • They are well-organised.

    • They are able to take the initiative when the situation requires it.

    • They have basic financial skills.


While a number of these skills come more naturally to some people than to others, most of them can be acquired through studying towards management courses, as well as through practical work experience. Different management courses place emphasis on different management skills, so it is up to you to determine which course would be best suited to your training needs.


What management courses can I study at College SA?

College SA offers the following management courses on a distance learning basis:



Careers in Management:

Managers have a wide variety of career options available to them, as management skills are universal. Managers can work in any industry and in any type of organisation. Some examples of managerial positions include the following:


General Manager

Store Manager

Marketing Manager

IT Manager

Human Resource Manager

Financial Manager

Facilities Manager

Sports Manager

Events Manager

Project Manager

Office Manager

Hotel/Guesthouse Manager

Logistics Manager

Risk Manager

Production Manager

Payroll Manager


Which industry a manager decides to work in usually depends on where his or her technical skills, knowledge and experience lie. A person who has been working in an accounting role for many years might, for example, decide to study management and apply for a position as a Financial Manager.



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