Marketing Management Studies

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing Management forms part of the bigger term Business Management, as the success of any business is directly linked to its marketing approach. All businesses, whether they offer actual products that are sold or deliver services to the public, need good Marketing Managers, because if advertising is poor or ineffective, people will not know about the business’ existence and what they offer. The job of a Marketing Manager would therefore be to coordinate the different functions within a business in such a way that it offers the best possible product or service in a cost-effective and timely fashion.



Marketing Management also involves identifying customer needs and expectations, since the ultimate goal of any business is to make a profit and maintain a steady growth rate. This cannot be done if you don’t build up a good reputation and a big following, so Marketing Managers of all businesses have the responsibility to ensure that the products or services being offered satisfy the needs of its customers.

Why should I study Marketing Management?

We live in an extremely competitive world and all around us there are businesses trying to win us over with their products or services. In South Africa, especially, entrepreneurs try their hardest to start up small businesses from scratch, and not all of them manage to grow into formidable enterprises. One week the corner shop is still selling chips and cool drinks, and the next it is replaced by a barbershop! Businesses, whether they’re just starting out or already established, rely on the basic principles of marketing. Without a good Marketing Manager to oversee this process, failure is almost certain. Obtaining a qualification in this field would give you the experience and confidence to make a success of any business. You can’t go wrong!

What Marketing Management Courses does College SA offer?


Services SETA National Qualifications


Project Management Studies


Marketing Management


  • Management Certificate
  • Marketing Management Diploma


Administration and Workplace Skills





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