SAIM Business Management Diploma: Production and Operations Management

This is not an Accredited Course.

College: College SA
Course: Business Management Diploma: Production and Operations Management (SAIM)
School: Management Studies
Programme Type: Institute Programme (SAIM)
Partner Institute: South African Institute of Management (SAIM)
Award Type: SAIM Diploma [Please note this is not an accredited programme.]
Award Issued by: SAIM
Accredited by: Not Applicable
SAQA ID: Not Applicable
NQF Level: Not Applicable
Period of study: 12-18 months for Certificate-level subjects, PLUS, 12-18 months for Diploma level subjects
Entrance Criteria:

Successful completion of the SAIM Business Management Certificate AND Learners must be 16 years of age or older AND The ability to read and write in English AND Grade 12 (or an NQF Level 4 qualification) OR If a student does not have a Grade 12, then they can apply for mature age exemption. In order for a student to apply for mature age exemption, they must be older than 23 years of age. The Mature Age Exemption application must be submitted to SAIM along with the following:


  • 2 paged CV with work experience

  • Certified copy of ID or passport

  • Letter of motivation as to why student wants to study through SAIM

  • Letter of reference from employer based on your work ethics and professionalism

  • Letter of reference from a friend or family member describing your character and what kind of person you are


What does Production and Operations Management involve?

Production and Operations Management is involved with the process in which inputs are converted into outputs, in other words the production of goods and the delivery of services. Effective Production and Operations Management is to ensure that business operations are efficient by using as little resources as needed, whilst also being effective by satisfying customers’ demands. The ultimate goal is to manage resources in such a way that optimal performance is achieved.




Typical career opportunities for someone who has done a course in Business Management Studies specialising in Production and Operations Management:


    • General Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Office Manager


Course Structure

In order to complete the SAIM Business Management Diploma: Production and Operations Management, students must complete all of the following Subjects:


Certificate Level Subjects


    • Management Principles

    • Business Communication

    • Business Accounting

    • Self Management

    • Marketing Management Principles

    • Information Technology Principles


Diploma Level Subjects


    • Management Practice

    • Economics A – Micro Economics

    • Business Law Principles

    • Economics B – Macro Economics

    • Cost and Management Accounting

    • Production and Operations Management


For a DETAILED COURSE STRUCTURE, please click here.


Assessment and Award

When you enrol for this course, you’ll receive the relevant textbooks. You have to successfully complete and submit assignments in order to pass this course. Once you have successfully completed the assignments prescribed by College SA, you may apply to write the examinations with the SAIM. Upon successful completion of your exams. SAIM will award you with a Diploma in Business Management – Production and Operations Management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Classes?


College SA is a home study college. This means that you do not have to go to class. You study at home, on the train, at work, after hours, on your lunch break, or over weekends! This means that you save a lot of costs that classroom students have to pay. Things like travel costs and accommodation are expensive for classroom students. Obviously it is also safer to study in your own home. It also means that you can work while you study, so you can earn a salary and get your qualification at the same time.


Do I get study material from the College?


College SA includes all your books, course items and study material with your course. So unlike other colleges, we shall not give you a list of books to buy. Once you have paid, you are entitled to receive all the study material you need from us. In some cases there might be recommended reading materials which the college does not provide. But this will only be materials that are not essentials to passing your course.


What is the cost of the study material?


Your study material is included in your course fees, so the college does not charge you for study material.


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