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Police Training

There are a couple of rewarding careers to think about compared to that of a police officer. But that said a career in the South African Police Service (SAPS) has many good qualities. What is police training and where can you apply to join the South African Police Service (SAPS)?


There are a few requirements when applying at a police college and you will only be accepted if you pass all these points. The police training in South Africa is made up out of theory and practical training. The training runs over a period of twelve months. Once your training have been completed you can apply for other police training courses to help you work your way up to a higher rank or even a different field in the police force.


If you are looking for more information about police training, you can visit the South African Police Service (SAPS) website. You can also go to any South African police training college and get more information from them if you want to join the South African police force. There are a number of police training colleges in South Africa. You can contact you nearest Police College to find out exactly what you need to become a member of the SAPS.



What does a police officer do?

A South African policeman has a variety of duties he/she has to complete on a daily bases. The main duty is obviously to ensure that order is maintained at all times. Criminal activity prevention is equally important as catching perpetrators, solving cases and safeguarding the people. Each and every police officer needs to take an oath of office.


Protecting the public from every day dangers and crime and responding quickly is top priority. For this reason – to be able to work in the law enforcement field, you have to have the right skills. These skills can all be learned by doing police training.


In order to offer you a wide variety of courses relating to Policing Studies, College SA has teamed up with SIS to become its Home Study partner.




College SA offers the following Policing Studies courses:



What is Policing Studies?

The National Certificate Policing is aimed at police officials who perform the daily tasks of running police offices, for instance, and their duties would entail dealing with general enquiries and complaints, capturing data, carrying out patrol duties and making arrests. It focuses on all police officials but especially on the uniformed officials in the Operational Services Division. Most new police officers start working as uniformed officials at police offices in the Community Service Centre, and therefore they need the necessary skills to work with the public they serve. This Programme of courses is the right one for you if you love working with people and would like to provide a service to your community.


In addition to the National Certificate General Investigation (Policing) course, we also offer the following National Certificate Resolving of Crime courses:



In addition to the National Certificate Resolving of Crime courses, we also offer the following Short Hobbyist courses:



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