Investigations Skills Short Courses

College SA and SIS offer two types of short courses:

1. Short courses that are primarily forensic in nature.
2. Short courses that are suitable for HR practitioners.

Short courses that are primarily forensic in nature would cover the more scientific side of the spectrum. Students would learn the techniques behind private investigation, how the South African justice system works and is enforced, how crime and fraud are committed by means of the internet and the hacking of websites and accounts, what the correct procedures are when interrogating a suspect, how neighbourhood watches could help to prevent crime, how one goes about when trying to solve a crime by reconstructing the crime scene, what factors should be taken into account when trying to reconstruct an accident scene, and what support victims should receive once an official reaches the particular scene.

Short courses that are suitable for HR practitioners pay more attention to the administrative tasks related to fraud within the corporate world. If you would like to work in a Human Resources environment – or already do – you would benefit greatly from these courses. When an employee needs to undergo a disciplinary hearing, a disciplinary investigation needs to take place, and the same goes for corporate investigation. These courses go into the details of the specific procedures and educate the student on how evidence would eventually be presented in such hearings.



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