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College SA Short Course Certificate in Investigation of Fraudulent Documents



One very important skill in investigation work is being able to determine whether a document has been forged or not. Falsifying documents has very serious consequences and criminals who do this are very sophisticated so investigation officers need to be highly trained. This short course teaches you to analyse handwritings, printing processes and signatures. You will also be taught how to write up reports for your findings.


Do you have an inquisitive mind and enjoy uncovering mysteries? If so, this course might be great for you because you will learn to sharpen your analytical skills and to solve cases. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing your part in ensuring justice is served.


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Course Structure

The College SA Short Course Certificate in Investigation Fraudulent Documents has four subjects (Click on any subject below to get more information):


Report Writing

In this 2-part Module students will learn writing skills for specific purposes and how to access, process, re-organize, and synthesize information.


Concepts of Handwriting, Signatures and Printing processes

In this 2-part Module students will be oriented with some concepts of handwriting, signatures and printing processes.


Evidential Value of Forensic Questioned Documents

In this 2-part Module students will learn the evidential value of fraudulent documents for purposes for use in the justice system.


Types of Examinations

In this 2-part Module students will be guided through the various types of methods used when examining the different types of fraudulent documents.



Strategic Investigations and Seminars – More about Them:

Strategic Investigations and Seminars is a specialist training provider that offers a wide range of training solutions in the fields of Forensic Investigation and Forensic Science.


Strategic Investigations and Seminars have a vision to reach out into Africa, equipping individuals with quality and practical skills in the field forensic investigative science.


Strategic Investigations and Seminars is registered and accredited as a service provider with the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) – ID 081985269877.


College SA Welcome Pack

college sa welcome pack

In addition to the course material that will be delivered to you, you will also receive a complimentary Welcome Pack.


This is a handy book containing useful information such as study tips, effective ways to manage your time, how to set goals for yourself, as well as exam preparation tips. The welcome pack also contains important information and documents that you will need for things such as applying for an extension or study break, and requesting your Subject Certificates and Course Certification.


Useful Information:


Short Course Certificate in Investigating Fraudalent Documents


Forensic Investigation Studies

Programme Type

Full  Programme - National Certificate Qualification 

Partner Institute

Strategic Investigations and Seminars

Award Type

College SA Short Course Certificate

Award Issued by

College SA and Strategic Investigations and Seminars (SIS)

Accredited by

Not Applicable


Not Applicable

NQF Level

Not Applicable

Course Duration

12 Months

Entrance Criteria

Ability to read and write English. 16 years or older than 16 years unless you have Recognition of Prior Learning.


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Assessment and Award:

Once you have completed the prescribed assignments, SASSETA will also award you with a statement of results indicating the unit standards you have completed. Your details will be loaded onto the National Learner Record Database (NLRD).



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College SA Certificate, Human Resources, College SA

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