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Radio & Sound Engineering Courses

Radio and Sound Engineering Studies


We provide two distinct courses in radio broadcasting and sound engineering: 



The best way to start a career in radio or sound engineering is to take a course in radio and sound engineering studies. College SA offers you the accessible, affordable and high quality education you'll need to start building a prosperous career in your chosen field.

Radio and Sound Engineering Studies, Radio and Sound Engineering Courses, College SA


Course content

What exactly is radio and sound engineering studies? Our courses are focused on giving you the exact knowledge and skills needed to become a radio broadcasting or sound engineering professional.


Our range of courses covers the following, and more:


    • How to get into radio

    • The history of radio

    • Getting to know the broadcasting industry

    • Writing and scriptwriting for radio

    • Working as a radio journalist

    • Understanding media ethics

    • Working as a radio presenter

    • Developing on-air time management skills

    • Operating within a recording or broadcasting studio

    • How to construct accurate, clear and engaging stories 

    • Performing sound editing and engineering

    • Operating digital recording equipment and software


You will also learn universally applicable skills, such as how to:


    • Perform captivating interviews

    • Conduct effective research

    • Write efficiently

    • Present and conduct yourself professionally


Benefits of studying at College SA


You may be asking: where should I study radio and sound engineering? The answer is: at College SA! At College SA, our top priority is and always has been our students. That means you!





We want to ensure that you have the best study experience possible. We want to help you develop the skills you will need to work towards becoming a true industry professional.

Through our distance learning programme, you get the unique opportunity of studying at your own pace from anywhere in South Africa. This also allows you to complete your whole course without having to take a single day off from work.

Your course material will be posted to you, or you can choose to upgrade to courier delivery. From day one, you will have access to an academic support team to help you throughout your journey. Your tutor’s role will be to give you guidance and to make sure you internalise the course content through your assignments.

“At College SA, we believe everyone has the right to study”


We also want to ensure that you can afford this chance to pursue your dream career. At College SA, you are allowed to pay your fees monthly, instead of paying an upfront tuition fee. 


Getting ahead

Why study radio and sound engineering? Our courses aim to provide you with industry familiarity and practical skills. We want you to be able to go out into the real world and to pursue your chosen career.


Once you’ve completed the necessary assignments in your radio and sound engineering course, you will be awarded a certificate in this direction. This certificate will be posted directly to you.


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