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Secretarial Courses

 Secretarial Studies, Secretarial Courses, College SA


Secretarial Studies

Have you been considering a career in administration?


Professional secretaries are the behind the scenes miracle workers of an organisation. There is an extremely high demand for competent administrative personnel as the job requires a person who is quick on their feet and able to perform under pressure.


What is Secretarial Studies?

Secretarial Studies covers all fields related to administrative and managerial functions, and the levels of qualifications range from junior to executive positions.


What will I learn by studying a course in Secretarial Studies?

This is a very broad question many of our students ask us. There is a wide range of courses available in the field. Each of these courses will focus on a key area of the administration role. For example, if you were to study a secretarial course in Human Resources, you would be developing skills such as recruiting and management. Each secretarial field and professional position is different and will require a different skill set. It is therefore very important that you find a course which best suits the field you want to work in one day.


Why should I study a Secretarial Course?

A secretary's job description has grown immensely over the past few years, mainly because new technology developments make is so much easier to perform more functions within a given timeframe. Secretarial Studies prepares students for the vast amount of administrative tasks that are expected from secretaries, which makes this qualification an extremely valuable asset, as the success and efficiency of every business, organisation or enterprise is dependent on a competent office administrator.


Secretarial Studies, Secretarial Courses, College SA


College SA offers a wide range of courses in the field of Secretarial Studies.


Services SETA National Qualifications

College SA has been accredited by the Services SETA to offer a range of accredited National Qualifications. These FET Certificates are all at NQF level 4 and learners’ results would be uploaded on the National Learner Database.


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Supervisor Courses

Supervisor Courses are becoming extremely popular because a qualification in this field would offer you a wide range of career options in various industries. Whether you are interested in business and would like to move up the ranks in the corporate world, or if you would like to explore some entrepreneurial ideas you have been thinking about, having management skills is a must!


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Receptionist Courses 

A Receptionist has the primary function of handling telephone calls and incoming enquiries. You need to be able to multitask, because some office environments are very stressful and many things need to happen at the same time. You will be responsible for making appointments and screening incoming calls, so that the person on the other end on the line is directed to the correct department.


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Personal Assistant Courses 

A Personal Assistant is someone who performs general office functions such as such as making appointments for their managers, organising and taking the minutes at meetings, upholding general administration in the office and ensuring their managers are always informed and up to date with the latest developments in the company.


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Office Administration Studies

An Office Administrator of an organisation coordinates the work system within a given office or division. Whether it is keeping files and records up to date or marketing a product or service, keeping things organised and structured is the main objective.


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Professional Secretary Courses

In the business world, Professional Secretaries are the people who hold the organisation together. Professional Secretaries focus on giving support to key managers and executives in business. This support is highly recognised and valued as the Professional Secretary is undoubtedly responsible for the smooth running and success of the business.


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Executive Secretary Courses

The courses in Executive Secretary are at Advanced Level and build on the knowledge gained from the Professional Level course. Students can choose to do a General Executive Secretary course or specialise in other fields such as Finance, Legal, Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing or Project Management. If you want to take your managerial and administrative skills to the next level, this range of courses could be the perfect choice for you!


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To register for a specific course, or to speak to a friendly course expert, simply fill in the form below and someone will call you back as soon as possible.



Careers in Secretarial Studies

Many of our students want to know more about the different career options available to them after having completed their secretarial studies. It is important to remember that no qualification will ever ensure you a job. However the qualification is required for many of career paths and completing it will make you more employable. If you would like to find out about the different career options available in the field Secretarial field, simply click here.


Secretarial Studies, Secretarial Courses, College SA Secretarial Diploma, secretarial courses, College SA


Which qualifications are available with College SA?

College SA offers a wide range of secretarial courses ranging from a short course in administration and workplace skills to a expert certificate as a Professional Legal Secretary.


If you are looking to increase a specific skill set such as Email Etiquette or Conflict Management, a Short Course in Secretarial Studies may be best suited to your needs.


If you are looking to complete a year long course which amounts to a full qualification a College SA Certificate in Secretarial Studies may be perfect for you.


Finally, if you are looking to become an expert in your field, there are a wide range of Secretarial Expert Certificates available to our students. To find out more simply click here.


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Are you looking for more information about general secretarial courses?

College SA has a wide range of articles designed to provide broad information, allowing you the chance to click a link and find the information you are looking for.


To learn more about General Secretarial Courses, simply click here.



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