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Why study a Short Course at College SA?



  • College SA offers an array of short courses. The reason for this is that we want to make quality education accessible for everyone. Short courses are an ideal way for us to offer valuable training to people who do not have the time or money to enrol in a full-time programme.


  • Taking one of College SA’s short courses is an ideal way to get ahead in your career: it offers you an affordable, quick, and accessible means to professional (and personal) self-improvement. Short courses are easy to take, offer great advantages, and can teach you a number of unique skills.


  • College SA is also a distance learning college. This means that we bring quality education to you. Whether you want to take a short course in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Mthatha, or anywhere in between - you will have equal access to our short courses and student support networks.



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Learn about the types of Short Courses:


There are many different types of short courses. One short course might only be 3 months long and give you a general introduction to a subject, while another course might be 10 months long and teach you a specific skill in a very in-depth manner.

Short courses are usually designed for specific purposes and with specific goals in mind. Here are two categories into which most short courses fall:



Introductory Courses

These courses give you an introduction to your chosen subject. Taking such a course can be a great way to get to know your field, before fully committing to a career path.


Every year, thousands of university students waste their time and money when they enrol for expensive 3-year programmes, only to realise within a month that they made the wrong choice. We are often rushed into certain career and study choices, without fully knowing what they will entail.


A short course is thus a great way to get a feel for your subject and to decide whether you really want to go into that direction. The same applies if you are a working professional wanting to change careers, and you want to make sure it’s the right choice first.


An introductory course is also a great way to start your career, as it will function as your first step into the working world. For this purpose, College SA allows you to top-up your short course: this means that you can build on your short course with more advanced courses, while gaining recognition for the work you’ve already completed. Taking a Short Course in Business Management, for example, will allow you to go into the Certificate Course in Business Management, if you decide to pursue this study direction further.


The last reason why an introductory course is great is that it offers you an affordable opportunity to study something you are passionate about. You can take a short course for the pure enjoyment thereof: if you like cooking, why not take the Short Course in Cross Cultural Cooking? Taking such a course can be extremely fun, stimulating, and interesting.



Specialised Courses

As stated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), short courses have taken on a pivotal role in developing the South African labour market: short courses have become a great way for working professionals to develop further skills and to make themselves more valuable to employers. Many employers even enrol their workers in short course programmes as a form of investing in their own companies.


Online short courses or distance learning short courses have also become a great way for professionals to improve their prospects and build their careers without interrupting their personal or work lives. With a distance learning short course, you can:


    • Study from home.

    • Study after hours.

    • Study in your spare-time.

    • Study part-time.

    • Keep your full-time job while studying.


Specialised courses are also perfect for getting ahead in your profession or industry: if you are a certified bookkeeper, you can take a course in Business Law and Accounting Control to become more valuable to your company. Or: if you are an interior designer, taking a course in Business Practices for Interior Designers might be just what you need to secure a management position in your firm.


The more skills you have and the more specialised you are; the more valuable you will be and the more money you will eventually be able to make.



Did you know?

What exactly is a short course?


A short course is a learning programme that offers condensed content or specific skills training in a short period of time. A short course can take anything from 1 to 12 months to complete and can be offered in any field or subject.


The precise definition of a ‘short course’ will, however, differ from institute to institute, and from subject to subject. There is a wide variety of short courses you can take in South Africa: from online short courses to university short courses, residential college courses and distance learning short courses such as those offered by College SA.


“Short course provisioning is one of the most dynamic features of the

emerging education and training system of South Africa”.

- The South African Qualifications Authority (Source:, 17 March 2014)


Short courses training plays an important part in developing South Africa into a better country. Because short courses are so affordable and easy to take, they provide a perfect way for many workers to become skilled, to upgrade their skill sets, or to develop multiple skills. Fostering skilled labour is a big part of building a better labour force and national economy.




Why take a short course?


Your short course might only be 3 months long, but you will permanently reap the benefits thereof. Your short course training programme will always be part of your CV.


Adding training courses to your CV will mean a lot if you don’t have anything like a university degree or college diploma. Completing a short course will allow you to promote yourself as having a certain level of training.


Even if you already have a university degree or a diploma - how will you stand out from other qualified job candidates? Having a number of short courses on your CV will make a great difference when applying for a job, as it will show that you are:



    • Proactive

    • Hardworking

    • Willing to learn

    • Ambitious


It will also show that you have more training and skills than other candidates - that you are, in fact, more qualified.


There are many more benefits to taking a short course. Many of these benefits are also unique to studying a short course with College SA.



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