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College SA Short Course Certificate: Sport Massage


Course Information:


 Course  College SA Short Course Certificate: Sport Massage
 Programme Type  College SA Short Course Certificate Programme
 Partner Institute  Not Applicable
 Award Type  College SA Short Course Certificate
 Award Issued By  College SA
 Accredited By  Not Applicable
 SAQA ID  Not Applicable
 NQF Level  Not Applicable
 Course Duration  10 Months
 Entrance Criteria
  • Grade 10
  • Learners must be at least 16 years of age
  • The ability to read and write in English

Course Structure


The following modules are covered:


Fundamentals of exercise science
Training principles and training methods
Screening and exercise programmes

Nutrition principles
Nutrition principles
Reading food food labels
Nutrition and weight management
Eating problems/disorders

Exercise adherence
Motivational methods
Communication skills
Setting, monitoring and recording goals

Safety and Risk Management
Occupational health and safety laws
Risk and emergency management
Injury management
Infectious disease management

Massage for Sport and Fitness
The fundamentals of massage
General massage topics
The healing process


Assessment and Award

Once you have successfully completed the necessary assignment prescribes by the College, you will be awarded with a College SA Short Course Certificate in Sport Massage.


Your first assignment will be on Goal Setting, which will arrive with your Welcome Pack.




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