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Technical Studies

Technical Studies


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What Technical Courses can I study at College SA?


What is Technical Studies?

Technical studies are a broad term referring to a whole range of courses in practical subjects. Technical studies will teach you the skills you need to repair, build, or design something.

Technical studies involve courses that teach students the fundamental concepts and principles of engineering. Strong skills in maths and science are required for studying technical courses.

There are a number of specialised fields in the technical environment, such as boilermaking, motor mechanics, welding, electrical engineering, and fitting and turning.


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Why should I study a technical course?

  • There are many job opportunities in this field.
  • There is good income potential.
  • There is room for growth and promotion at work.
  • It is a rewarding field to work in.


How will technical studies broaden my career?

Technical courses can equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a “jack of all trades”. This will give you the opportunity to apply for many jobs within the technical industry, or even to start your own business. It is also a great field of study if you are already working in this industry, and wish to upgrade your skills and knowledge. By upgrading your current set of skills and knowledge, you will have a good shot at a promotion.

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