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College SA offers the following tourism courses:



But what do these courses entail? To give you a better idea of what each of these two courses involve, we’ll discuss each course briefly.


As the course title indicates, this course focuses on the managerial side of tourism. Students can expect to learn more about managing tourist attractions or aspects such as travelling arrangements and accommodation. The content pays specific attention to the essential business skills one needs when working within the tourism industry, equipping students with the knowledge and know-how to deal with all human resources-related issues within this field.


In a fast-growing industry such as tourism, marketers play a crucial role in the success of any tourist attraction or place of accommodation. If people aren't aware of what a tourist destination offers, they will not visit the place, and without tourists flocking to see or experience it, the place will not achieve any success. This course uses the principles of marketing to teach students how to analyse the tourism market so as to successfully promote and increase awareness of that particular tourist attraction. It strikes a good balance between theoretical and practical knowledge, so this course is ideal for people with creative minds who would like to enter the tourism industry.


College SA - LuggageThe tourism industry has changed significantly over the last few years and continues to grow every day. More cities and smaller towns are developing their services and areas for tourism. The list of destinations and things to see and experience while on holiday keeps growing. This means that more and more people travel and go sightseeing when the opportunity comes along. Not too long ago, a holiday was something only the wealthy people talked about and experienced – not anymore. Everyone in the working environment needs to take vacation time at some point and most of them do a little travelling and exploring while on holiday.

An important aspect of tourism that is very often overlooked is that tourism is not only focused on foreign visitors who come to visit our beautiful country. South Africans also travel all over our country to explore and experience our natural resources and visit monuments, and they too are tourists when they visit places they’ve never been to before.

Tourism can roughly be defined as everything that involves service delivery to tourists, in other words, all aspects related to their activities. This means that the act of travelling and/or using accommodation other than your own is seen as tourism, whether this is for business, leisure or other purposes.


Travel and Tourism studies would therefore involve things like customer service and the ability to adapt to people'sCollege SA – Group of Tourists changing needs. When you're working in the tourism industry you need to be organised and creative at the same time. You are rendering a service to people who want to experience something new - mostly for recreational purposes - and your job is to leave them with a great impression of that town, hotel, restaurant, B&B, shop, attraction, or whatever it is they came to experience.


Tourism is a growing industry in South Africa and a very exciting field where you get to meet many people from different walks of life. This industry offers career opportunities for all personality types, and it is so multi-faceted that you'll never feel stuck in a rut. You'll be able to move around relatively freely between jobs as the opportunities are vast. Whether you prefer desk jobs where your main priorities would be organisational and managerial tasks, or you're someone who likes to work with people at grass-roots level, there would be something to suit your style. You even have great entrepreneurial opportunities, so if you have the desire to start your own business, the tourism industry would be the ideal place to start!


Tourism courses

There are many institutes out there that offer tourism courses and College SA is one of them. We at College SA offer two very exciting tourism courses that you can enrol for from anywhere in South Africa.



College SA – Table Mountain at night


Tourism in South Africa

South Africa is a country that welcomes everyone with warm hearts and open arms to its ‘local is lekker’ well-known braais, bush fields, winelands, beaches and relaxing family homes. Tourism in South Africa offers tourists a very wide spread selection of vibrant cultures and traditions to experience and enjoy all over the country. The Rainbow Nation will capture what South Africa is all about: friendliness, dancing, laughter, hope and compassion. With the city lights and the picture perfect landscapes, drinking wine and going on game drives, the South African tourism will not fail to impress.


Travel and Tourism courses in South Africa

There are many Universities and Colleges in South Africa that offer travel and tourism courses.


As a career choice, Travel and Tourism can bring you a rewarding and fun-filled future. This high in demand and fast growing industry is creating new job opportunities every single day and it needs newly-qualified students with the right set of skills to fill all the new and exciting jobs.


There are many different sectors in hospitality and travel and tourism you can choose from. Some of these fields include travel tourism, adventure tourism, transportation, food and beverage (hospitality), events and conventions, attractions and accommodation.


You can also choose to work in more than one field. Big hotel resorts usually require staff members to have a versatile set of skills and to be available to work in different areas in the resort as needed.


The number of possible job opportunities in the hospitality and travel and tourism industry is very broad and your chances of getting a promotion while working in this industry are very good.


By getting a qualification in hospitality and tourism courses, you will be able to land a job almost anywhere in the tourism industry. With determination, the right set of skills and experience anything is possible.




College SA – Travel map


“Travel like Ghandi, with simple clothes, open eyes and an uncluttered mind.” –Rick Steves


 College SA – Cape Town attractions

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