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What is Writing Studies?

Writing Studies concerns the study of various writing disciplines. Its uses range from any job imaginable, as it gives you the confidence to effectively communicate in writing. In general, these courses are focused on more creative careers such as journalism, copywriting and fiction writing.


There is a great shortage of competent technical writers - or copywriters - as all industries need writers to compile advertisements, newsletters, flyers, posters, articles, and so forth. This is a very exciting field and ideal for people who can create interesting and creative texts.


Writing Courses, College SA Writing Courses, College SA


Why should I study Writing Studies?

Writing Studies is an important part of any person's academic background as it's an essential skill - almost any job requires you to write in an understandable and coherent manner. Regardless of whether you’re an accountant or a biology teacher, at some stage or another you'll need to put words on paper, whether it's for an internal memo or a learner's progress report. Unfortunately it's a proven fact that people judge the quality of a product or service by what they see or read. This means that a company might be judged on what it produces in writing, even though this does not necessarily reflect on the quality of its products or services.


For these reasons studying a Writing Studies course will help anyone in their career, regardless of the industry they work in.


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Writing Courses, College SA
Writing Courses, Well call, College SA

What careers can I pursue with a qualification in Writing Studies?

There are a number of career opportunities available to you with a qualification in Writing Studies depending on which field you would like to specialise in. You will need a real passion for language and writing as well as the technical know-how you will learn through these courses to make it as a published writer. You could find yourself writing articles for magazines, writing articles for online publications or even signing autographs at your own book launch. During your studies you will also learn about language and how to use it persuasively; this may lead to a career in copywriting or writing marketing material. The possibilities really are endless.


What Writing courses does College SA offer?

College SA offers the following Writing Studies courses:


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