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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the Most recognized qualification and largest Professional Body for Accountants in the world and is dedicated to help you improve Credibility, Employability, Professionalism and will help you Boost your Earning Potential.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is the largest Professional Body of Bookkeepers in the world, helping you to improve Credibility, Employability, Professionalism, Boost your Earning Potential and you will get those exclusive letters behind your name eg: SBIcb(SA), CJOAIcb(SA)


CIMA Courses

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Acquire the fundamentals of ethics, corporate governance, business law, business mathematics, business economics and this will enable you to prepare professional financial reports, forecast performance and data analysis.

    • Analyze issues and events in the global business environment. 
    • Develop an understanding of the structure and principles sustaining the operational functions of the organization. 
    • Align and mobilize all its parts to implement strategy.
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    • Implement organizational strategy through people, projects, processes and relationships. 
    • Analyze, plan and manage costs to support the implementation of the organization’s strategy. 
    • Use analysis of financial statements to provide insights about the performance of the business over time.
    • Develop the skills and abilities needed by strategic leaders to direct and achieve the long-term success of their organizations.
    • Identify, evaluate and respond to risks that could impact on the implementation of strategy.
    • Develop competencies required to value investment opportunities including divestments, mergers and acquisitions.


ICB Courses


Premium Courses

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Get equipped with knowledge and best practices in bookkeeping, financial accounting, income tax, financial management, reporting standards, corporate strategy, management accounting and research

Acquire the skills to produce high quality financial statements, implement basic internal controls, conduct effective internal auditing and apply sound accounting and financial principles

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The specially selected subjects in this programme are designed to give you the financial, accounting and commercial skills you’ll need to make your business a success. The subjects also cover strategy, technical knowledge and personal skills

Acquire the business and financial management best practices in, office and legal practice, human resource management, computer literacy, global business strategy and research methods in commerce

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This programme is a great choice if you believe in the huge benefits of running any company in an organized way allowing you to take on key functions and increased responsibility in your workplace.


Short Courses

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Get the necessary skills to effectively communicate (written and verbally) in the business environment.

Get the essential skills to become a SAIT-Recognized tax practitioner and get to know everything surrounding auditing, account control and business law

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Get the skills to calculate taxable income for both individuals and businesses, submit tax returns, acquire a working knowledge of estate duty and provide taxation planning advice to clients, this short course provides the required skills to become an Accounting Technician or a Certified Tax Technician.

Get in depth knowledge on computer concepts, Microsoft Office, Internet and Email and Pastel to help you take your accounting skill to the next level and be able to manage accounts easier. 

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This course will give you a knowledge and understanding of the application of management accounting control and decision making techniques. This will help you communicate effectively as an accountant and/or manager.

This course will give you a knowledge and understanding of the application of management accounting control and decision making techniques. This will help you communicate effectively as an accountant and/or manager.

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Acquire the skills to compile and control a budget, supply costing information for management, record, analyze and prepare cost information, contribute to the planning and allocation of resources within the accounting framework and operate cash management and credit control systems.

Acquire the skills to compile and control a budget, supply costing information for management, record, analyze and prepare cost information, contribute to the planning and allocation of resources within the accounting framework and operate cash management and credit control systems.

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Get in depth knowledge surrounding the 5 P’s of training, Planning, Preparing, Presenting, Implementing Plans and Progress checks to improve efficiency and productivity.

This course will give you a good knowledge and understanding of Financial Reporting, especially with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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Financial Accounting

As mentioned above, accounting is divided into several sub categories, each with their own specific set of goals and procedures.


Financial accounting is concerned mainly with collecting and analysing financial data, from within a particular organisation, in order to present to external stakeholders, such as investors or to the government in the form of tax returns.


Financial accountants rely on bookkeepers, who collect the majority of the financial data. The data is then analysed and submitted to management in order to serve as a written record of the financial position of the company.


f you would like to learn more about financial accounting, simply click here



Management Accounting

Another area within the field of accounting is management accounting. In this career field, accounting takes a backseat to a strong management focus. The management accountant uses data collected from within the company, both financial and otherwise, in order to streamline the business process. This data is then analysed and presented to management who will in turn, work with the management accountants in created policies, plans and strategies for the future.


Professionals with management accounting training hold some of the highest grossing jobs in the business world today. Many of the courses offered at College SA are geared toward training the student in the field of management accounting, by offering course from their academic partner, CIMA


If you would like to read more about management accounting simply click here



Accountants in South Africa

As we have mentioned there are many different fields of accounting. Each with its own unique set of procedures and job description. Students often struggle to find information of accounting relevant to a South African context. Making the decision to commit to a particular career field can be a scary prospect for most people. Why not learn more about the career in the real world before making your final choices.


To learn more about accountants in South Africa, simply click here


Accounting in College

Perhaps you have always known you wanted to be an accountant. Perhaps you have wondered about working in the broader field of finance. There is a wide range of career options available to you when studying through College SA. Learn more about Accounting Courses offered through the college, choosing a major in the field of your choice, courses in finance, business and much more. The resources are available to you, right here.


Simply click here to read more about the field of accounting in college




What is Accounting?


Most of us have heard the term accounting before, or have known people who work in the field, but how many of us really know what is involved in the busy lives of accountants?

Accounting is the process of collecting, storing and analysing financial data from a within a specific organisation. Depending on the type of accounting, this information is used in a variety of different ways. Accounting is the process of monitoring the financial position of a particular company at a particular point in time.

Accounting should not be confused with finance, or bookkeeping. Accounting is the broader field which houses several subdivisions and specialities. Want to compare the difference between bookkeeping and accounting? Simply click here .


What is CPA?


Many of our students have asked us about the profession of the Certified Public Accountant. In a set of articles available here, we explain what exactly a CPA is, does and how they feature in the world of accounting. Whether you are interested in learning about the journey of becoming a CPA, or would like to find out about the salary expectations of each field, you will find all the information you need here.


To read these articles, or to learn more about what a CPA is, simply click here


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