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Administration and Secretarial


Remember Jessica Fletcher?  She was superb in doing administrative and secretarial skills.  She was a brainer in completing cases skillfully.  Her motivation should be your passion on becoming "The Next Jessica Fletcher" in your career.


College SA has administration courses and secretarial courses to skill you up more for career development.


Have a look at these courses below:





courses, College SA, Jessica Fletcher, administration skills, secretarial skills


Business and Finance


Remember The Old TV Series - The L.A. Law?  It was not a matter of having  law all the time.  They ran their practice inside the business, where accounting, bookkeeping, business, management and tax were concerned!  Don't you want to be like one of these guys in your career development?


College SA has business courses and finance courses to get you moving up at professional level. 





courses, College SA, business courses, finances courses, people skills


Child Care


The "Liitle Rascals that saved the day" was one of the movie series.   They had toned their skills. Become the one who will see that your own little rascals save your day! 


College SA has courses that are geared to help bring skills to ensure that the atmosphere of child care is both healthy and good.


Let's have a look at below courses:



child care, caring for children, courses, College SA, little rascals 


Computers / IT


Some of you have remembered watching Numbers as one of brain-cracking tv series.  It was not just about writing out formulas or performing basic calculations.  They had minds and characters where you find creativity, problem solving, drawing up profile reports came into their duties.  

Don't you want to be keen in becoming one of these guys in out numbering your skills that are due for improvement?


College SA has information technology courses that are more than formulas and calulations.




courses, College SA, information technology, numbers, formulaes, skills 




Leon Schuster is always funny but more creative.  He's not only a pranker.  He has toned his creativity to the maximum in where he finds techniques that are both amusing and less caught off guard.


College SA has courses that are geared to boost your creative mind and hands.




Creative courses, College SA, Leon Schuster, creativity


Hospitality and Tourism


Maybe you want to tone your skills by working at one of Southern Sun hotels one day!


College SA has contemporary courses that meet the needs of people who are basically touring around or just booking around at well known / branded accomodation places.








Investigation and Forensics


We and you know that contemporary Crime Scence Investigation series is quite popular across the global world.  You know that Grimson was recognized as one of the profound team specialist.  Many of you or just you had a time in solving simple cases. Don't you think that your passion like Grimson's passion, must get you to the level where you'll conduct your own private investigation business?


College SA has both investigation courses and forensics courses that can equip you to master in assuring victimized persons and culprits that situations don't go out of control or get unnoticed.




investigation courses, forensic courses, College SA, courses, cis




Richard Dean Anderson was technically minded in performing the odd technicalities in the popular MacGyver series.  One thing was that he was against guns.  He did not need guns to outperform his technical skills. 


Can you be the next MacGyver with toned skills technically? You do not need to be a scientist in order to study technical courses.




technical skills, courses, College SA, like MacGyver




The Tv Soap Series, "Who's The Boss?" was one of tv series that focused on delegating the duties and bearing these responsibilties to perform the tasks or duties.


Don't you agree that you want to be the boss as if someone is asking, "Who's The Boss?"? You'll love that when you are in a transparent control.




management courses, College SA, who is the boss?


Sport and Fitness


Sports people have the characters and traits to perform their sport talents or skills. No wonder sports alone cannot be achieved without being fit. Do you dream of being a "AB De Villers" cricketer? Or a "Bryan Habana" rugby player? Or a famous soccer player?




sports, sports fitness, career, College SA, courses









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