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Distance Learning, College SA


What is Distance Learning?

We can define distance learning, or correspondence education, as a form of education where there is physical distance between the student and the instructor. This definition of distance learning implies that the student does not attend traditional classes or lectures, but is free to study from a location of his or her choice. Correspondence education can incorporate self-study, face-to-face tutorials, virtual or online tutorials, assistance from instructors via instant messaging/telephone/e-mail, as well as written assignments, examinations, and practical tasks. 


What are the advantages?

There are many benefits or advantages to distance learning. Some of these include the following:


    • It increases access to education.

    • Students can study from home. They do not need to travel to classes, or relocate in order to be closer to campus.

    • It gives people the opportunity to work and study at the same time. It is not necessary to give up a full-time job in order to study via correspondence.

    • Students can determine the pace at which they study. They need not be held back by other students, nor pressured by lecturers or fellow students.

    • Students can choose from a wider variety of courses, as they are not limited to courses that are offered by institutions that are situated within travelling distance.

    • The distractions and temptations that come with campus life are absent.

    • It is often more affordable to study via correspondence than to enrol for attendance-based courses.

    • Study from Anywhere in South Africa.


Where can I study via Distance Learning?

With the major technological developments that have taken place, communication methods have become much quicker, simpler and more accessible. This has led to an increase in the popularity of distance education globally, and there are now many distance learning centres all over the world. Many colleges and universities now offer courses via correspondence, both to students in their own countries, as well as to students in foreign countries.


If you are looking for a leading correspondence college in South Africa, College SA is your answer. We offer a large selection of courses in different fields, including Management, Business, Human Resources, Marketing, Sports and Fitness, Hospitality, Computer Studies, Creative Studies and Child Care. You can view our full course list on our website.


Distance Learning, College SA



Why should I choose College SA?

    • College SA is an accredited provider of distance learning courses in South Africa.

    • We send your study material to you via courier if you choose to upgrade that option.

    • The cost of your study material is included in your course fee. We do not send out additional lists of prescribed textbooks.

    • We assign each student to a course expert, who will be available to provide study assistance via telephone or email.

    • Our course experts are experts in their fields.

    • We give our students the option to pay their fees in full upfront, or to pay in monthly instalments.

    • We have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, in terms of which we will refund you in full if you decide to cancel your studies within 30 days of registration.


Read more about how distance learning works at College SA


Distance Learning, College SA


Useful Information:

What to look for when choosing a distance learning provider:


Choosing the right distance learning provider is essential if you want to experience the benefits of studying from home. Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing your provider:


    • Is the provider properly accredited? If not, your qualification might not be recognised by employers.

    • Can you complete every aspect of the course from home, or are there practical components or exams that you will need to attend? If there are such components, will you be able to complete them?

    • What form of academic assistance will you receive? Will it be better than other schools or colleges?

    • How much time will you be given to complete your course? Would the provider be willing to grant an extension if you cannot complete the course within the prescribed period?

    • How are the fees structured? What payment options are available? What additional costs are there? Before you enrol for a course, you need to make sure that you know exactly what the financial implications are, and that you are aware of any penalties that might be incurred for late payment or non-payment.

    • What do other students have to say about the provider? You can read reviews by current and former students of an education provider to find out more about their personal experiences with a particular institution.


How do I know if Distance Learning is a good choice for me?

While there are many advantages to studying via distance learning, this form of education is better suited to some people than to others. Distance learning could be the right choice for you if:


    • You are looking for a study option that offers flexibility.

    • You are self-disciplined and self-motivated.

    • You have good time management skills.

    • You can work independently.

    • You enjoy working at your own pace and setting your own goals.

    • You can resist distractions.

    • You don’t mind missing out on the social aspect of traditional classroom-based education.

    • You have good reading and communication skills.

Distance Learning, College SA 


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