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FET College Bursaries in South Africa



FET College Bursaries in South Africa


Many of our students have asked us about bursaries offered at FET colleges in South Africa. Unfortunately many of the bursaries offered are unable to fully meet the needs of the students who apply for them. In this article we will look at some of the issues around the bursaries offered at public FET colleges in South Africa.


What is an FET College?


FET stands for Further Education and Training, and is offered in South Africa as a vocational or skill based programme. This form of training was created in order to offer further education to students who were previously unable to afford such training, as well as create a means for students to enter into the job market with prior experience.


Many of the bursaries offered across South Africa are designed to help students complete their various courses. However, most bursaries are only offered at public FET colleges, in the aim of increasing skills in specific government assigned fields. This means that even if you qualify for a bursary from one of the public FET colleges, you may still not be able to study the course you wanted to study.


It is for this reason that private FET colleges have begun to appear in most cities. At private FET colleges there are a wide range of courses available to study; however, bursaries are much harder to come by. The bursaries that are available often have fine print that can create problems for the student in the future.


Always be aware of what you are signing before you agree to anything.


To read an article about bursaries offered at other colleges, and how these may not always be what they seem, click here.


A difficulty most students have when looking into FET bursary application are the requirements set forth by the Department of Education.


The criteria required for public FET college bursary application are:


    • You must be a South African citizen, with a barcoded ID

    • Enrolled or intending to enrol for the NC(V) or report 191 "NATED" programmes at one of the 50 South African FET colleges

    • Unable to afford the course fees

    • Able to demonstrate potential for academic success


As you can see the entrance requirements for bursary application could make it very difficult for many students to apply for student aid. If you do meet these requirements and are looking to apply for an FET bursary, contact one of the 50 South African public FET colleges to begin the process.


There are specific payment plans at private FET colleges which can make paying for your course much more manageable. Some of these colleges also offer their courses through supported distance learning, which makes the college even more affordable.


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If you would like to read more about affordable payment plans aimed at making it as easy as possible for you to complete your FET course, Click Here.


We have included a list of courses offered at College SA, a private FET college.


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