No Matric? No Problem!

Matric Students Happy, No Matric No Problem

No Matric? No Problem!


At College SA you can study without a Matric.


Further your studies. Get a  Matric Equivalent.


Secure your Future!


We suggest that you start with an NQF Level 3 course. Once you have completed a course at that level, you can then move onto an NQF Level 4 course – which is at the same NQF Level as a Matric.



College SA will help you Succeed!


If you did not obtain your matric certificate or receive the marks you wanted, and you are not satisfied with your results, you are in the right place! College SA can help you in the following ways.


I failed my Matric. What should I do?

collegesa no matric no problem 02Our best advice would be to go back to school, as it is the best and easiest way to get your Matric. However, if this is not an option for you, you can still enrol for a job specific course at College SA. This will help you gain skills needed to step into a workplace. 



I left school recently. I did not complete Matric.

Icollegesa no matric no problem 03f you were in school recently, but did not reach Matric, we suggest that you start with a course at NQF level 3, or that you enrol for a short course or certificate programme. Once you have completed such a course, you could move on to a NQF level 4 course, which would be at the same level as a Matric certificate.



I am older than 23. I never completed Matric.

collegesa no matric no problem 04There are many ways in which you can further your education without having Matric. One option is to register for a NQF level 3 or 4 qualification.   If you start at NQF level 3, you can progress to NQF level 4, and once you complete a NQF level 4 Qualification, you will have reached the same academic level as a Matric certificate.



I left school a long time ago. I never completed Matric.

collegesa no matric no problem 05If you have not completed Matric, but are over the age of 23, you may be able to apply for exemptions which will allow you to skip some of the lower level courses, and go straight to the higher level courses.



I passed Matric but I need better marks!

 collegesa no matric no problem 06If you need to improve your marks, the best option is to re-write the subjects for which you require better marks.   If it is not possible for you to re-write those subjects, you might want to consider studying towards a professional or international qualification.



To find out more about these options and opportunities, fill in the form below for more detailed information. What are you waiting for? Secure your future!




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At College SA, we offer distance learning courses in a wide range of study areas that are open to students who have not obtained their Matric Certificates.












Why choose College SA?


Our Student Registrars are there to help you with choosing a course that you would like to study based on your academic level and career goals. At College SA, we believe that everybody should have access to education.



Take a look at our Benefits:


  • We are fully accredited!
  • You can study from anywhere in South Africa with our FREE courier service.
  • Access to our Online Study Groups - to provide you with Academic Support.
  • Your studies include all course material. No Hidden Costs!
  • You can take a study break, even if you want to take a holiday.
  • We also have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy about anything.
  • We try our best to work out a payment plan that suits your individual needs.



What can I study at College SA without a Matric certificate?


If you were at school recently, but did not reach Matric, we suggest that you start with an NQF Level 3 course. Once you have completed a course at that level, you can then move onto an NQF Level 4 course - which is at the same NQF Level as a Matric.


List of College SA Courses



How College SA can help you with your job hunting

As a College SA student, you will have direct access to our very own recruiting agency, Ideal Crew. Ideal Crew will empower you with the skills relating to improving your chances of finding your DREAM job.




Testimonials - Hear what our students have to say


collegesa no matric no problem 07Wow!! Where can I even start! It's been great from the very start, received my welcome packages very soon after registering and then was contacted by my eager tutor, who encourage sme all the way. When I got stuck he quickly helped me himself or referd me to someone who cud help. I flew thru the course and am currently doing a second one, Business Literacy. Awesome job College SA, keep on with the speed, profesionalism and friendlyness.


-          Peorina Senosi


collegesa no matric no problem 07I loved studying with College SA I love doing short studying courses and theirs are truly brilliant I cant wait to start my next one.i just need to think what can I do… Ive always loved writing… Thank you for everything College SA I love your diversity its truly epic.


-          Lindelwa Rhoyi


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