No Matric? No Problem!

Attention all Learners, Matric results for 2015 are in!









We know all too well about the stress and frustrations that go along with writing your matric exams, and how it influences the outcome of your results.

No Matric No Problem, College SA


That’s why in 2015 we will
help you succeed





If you did not obtain your matric certificate or receive the marks you wanted, and you are not satisfied with your results, you are in the right place!

No Matric No Problem, College SA


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We have a lot of options and opportunities available just for you.
So what are you waiting for?



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At College SA, we offer distance learning courses in a wide range of study areas that are open to students who have not obtained their Matric Certificates.





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How can College SA help me?

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Our Student Registrars are there to help you with choosing a course that you would like to study based on your academic level and career goals. At College SA, we believe that everybody should have access to education.


What can I study at College SA?

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If you were at school recently, but did not reach Matric, we suggest that you start with an NQF Level 3 course. Once you have completed a course at that level, you can then move onto an NQF Level 4 course - which is at the same NQF Level as a Matric.


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