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SETA Accredited Courses

SETA Accredited Courses




Here we’ll discuss what SETA is, which courses are accredited by them and how you can study a SETA accredited course.


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What is SETA?

SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority.


It refers to the authoritative educational bodies established under the South African Skills Development Act (97 of 1998). At the moment, there are over 20 different SETAs in South Africa. Each established SETA acts as a training and education quality assurance body in its respective sector, which means that they are highly respected in their specific areas. There are SETAs that deal with tourism; banking; manufacturing; agriculture and more.


A SETA also consists of a number of different industry role-players, including:


    • Trade unions

    • Employers

    • Government departments


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What is the function of a SETA?

The main function of a SETA is to bring skills development to the employees (or prospective employees) in its sector.

  • Developing a sector skills plan.

  • Implementing the sector skills plan.

  • Developing and administering learnerships.

  • Supporting the implementation of the National.

  • Qualifications Framework.

  • Undertaking quality assurance.

  • Disbursing levies collected from employers in their sector.

  • Reporting to the Minister of Labour and to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


All the responsibilities of SETAs are set out in Chapter 3 (Section 10) of the Skills Development Act.


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What are SETA-accredited courses?


SETAs act as Educational Training and Quality Assurance Bodies (ETQAs) in South Africa. A college that is accredited by an ETQA can offer nationally recognised training. A SETA can thus provide a college with this type of accreditation.


SETA accreditation means that a college (or other type of educational institute) can offer SETA-accredited courses. Because SETAs are sector based, they only accredit courses related to their fields. Accreditation by the Services SETA, for example, means that a college can offer SETA-accredited courses in Project Management (and its related subjects).


The ‘stamp of approval’ that a SETA gives indicates that the courses in question are valuable, outcomes-based training programmes, and that they are relevant to the work involved in a specific industry. By registering for a SETA-accredited course with an accredited training provider, you will consequently be sure to receive high quality education.


A SETA-accredited course will give you valuable skills and knowledge that will be applicable to working in your profession.


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Where can I take a SETA-accredited course?


You can study a number of SETA-accredited courses at College SA. These courses are accredited by a number of different SETAs, offering training in a variety of professions.


Take a look at the courses we have to offer (click on any course name if you want more information about that specific programme):



Name of SETA

National Certificate: Bookkeeping (Junior Bookkeeper)


FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (Certified Senior Bookkeeper)


National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting


Certified Financial Accounting National Diploma


National Certificate: Junior Office Administrator


Higher Certificate: Senior Office Administrator


Diploma: Certified Office Manager


National Certificate: Small Business Financial Manager



Exam centre


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