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Traffic Training Colleges in South Africa

As a traffic officer, you will be responsible for enforcing the rules of the road. You will be responsible for making sure that everyone using the road will follow the rules in a safe manner – this includes the pedestrians. Your daily duty as a traffic police officer will be to make sure that traffic is flowing at all times, that everyone follows the road rules and that everyone stays safe on and on the side of the road.



Just like the police training colleges in South Africa, we have traffic police training colleges. The training programme for traffic police officers differs from the SAPS police training programmes. The duration of the programmes differs and the intensity of the training also differs. Police training is rough and you have to have a certain level of fitness to be able to get into a police college.  Traffic police training is a little bit easier. Your level of fitness doesn’t have to be of the same standards as those of police officers.


As a traffic police officer you will spend most of your work day outside and on the roads. Before traffic officers start their day, they will do administration work at the office and again before they go home at the end of their day. Traffic officers also have to go to court for traffic offences when asked to. Traffic officers usually patrol the roads in traffic police vehicles but can also be seen on motorcycles and on foot.


In your traffic police training programme, you will learn how to operate speed-measuring cameras, alcohol testing apparatus, measuring and mass measuring apparatus, how to fill in summons papers and how to fill in infringement papers. Controlling traffic and working roadblocks will also be part of the training programme. There are 12 traffic police colleges where you can get this training.


In order to get into traffic policing, you have to be employed by the provincial government, municipalities or other government entity road traffic management corporations. Openings will also be advertised in the media as police officer jobs. You can also contact the authority directly and ask them if they have or know about job openings in the traffic police department.


To be able to be accepted as a traffic police officer you have to meet the basic requirements. These requirements include being a South African citizen with a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent. You must also have a clean criminal record and have excellent health. Applicant may not be younger than 18 years of age or older than 35 years of age.




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