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VIP Payroll Courses

VIP Payroll Courses




What is VIP Payroll?

A payroll is a list of all the employees at a company and the salaries they are to be paid every month. Various software programmes have been developed to simplify this list, because the bigger a company gets, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of everyone’s salary details. Softline VIP Payroll offers total Payroll and HR software solutions to companies throughout Africa. They are well-established and renowned for their expertise, so it’s not surprising that VIP Payroll has become a household name when it comes to payroll software. Whether you’ll be working in a big or small company, having experience in working with VIP Payroll would definitely be to your advantage.


Where can I learn to use VIP Payroll?

Sage VIP offers training and seminars on how to use their products. Alternatively, you can study one of the following bookkeeping or payroll courses at College SA:



While these courses do not specifically cover VIP Payroll, they deal with computerised bookkeeping, which will teach you the general principles involved in using payroll software programmes. 


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